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Our horse riding program offers groups the chance to come on camp where the primary focus is horse riding.

If you are after a camp like no other our Horse Riding camps are for you. We offer 3, 4 or 5 day Horse riding camps, where students will undertake riding daily during the camp. We want the students to get the most riding time possible whilst learning safe riding techniques for the duration of the camp. 


We run horse riding camps for up to 60 students and staff. This allows us to construct a program that allows students and staff to learn safe riding techniques, and then put these into practice during trail rides both on and offsite.


The number of rides will depend on the duration of your camp. We conduct a program (taking into account students/staff numbers) to ensure that the group gets the most riding time possible. 

We generally conduct a lesson for all particpants on day one, followed by as many rides as possible (both on and offsite) during all full days at camp. Finally, we finish camp with a Gymkhana to allow you to showcase your talent that you have accumulated during camp.


Depending on the numbers of people on camp we may need to the spilt the students into small groups to allow for safe riding numbers. Therefore when one group is riding another group would be off undertaking adventure activities and then they would swap to ensure all students get to do everything programed.