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Experienced riders will love riding though Greens Bush National Park on our forest ride!

This exhilarating ride is for riders who are experienced and able to rise to the trot & canter. After horse selection, mounting and a small briefing, our staff will take you for a quick canter up the hill. This will help us to be sure that we have the correct match for you and your horse. If all is OK then off to Greens bush we go.

This ride will take you past the local market gardens before entering Greens Bush National Park. From this point enjoy the scenery, the ride and remember to duck your head if necessary whilst cantering. There is plenty of opportunity to canter so be ready to go for it (BUT remember to stay behind out staff). Keep your eyes open, as there are a number of Wedge-Tail Eagles and many different types of bird life. Kangaroos can frequently be seen on this ride, more so in the late afternoon.

As we leave the National Park you can take in the majestic views of Port Phillip Bay & the Heads.

Please note: All Horse Riders ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR A SHOE/BOOT WITH A SMALL HEEL. Runners or flats are not able to be worn whilst horse riding