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You can enjoy the beautiful Mornington Peninsula anytime you want when you have your own annual site. Beaches, golf courses, hot springs & wineries all make the Mornington Peninsula is a great holiday destination for the whole family.

An Annual holiday site at Ace-Hi is BETTER THAN A HOLIDAY HOME!!

Your own holiday home on the Mornington Peninsula without most of the hassles. In the case of Lifestyle Investment Cabins you could even turn a profit as at lease pay your expenses.

A holiday home on the Mornington Peninsula in a bush setting, with pool, spa, tennis court, playgrounds & trampolines for the kids. You have better use for the $1M or so that might cost. Then there's upkeep and maintenance on the pool, court etc. What about the gardens, tree maintenance. Then most importantly there security issues. Yes the bad guys know which are the holiday homes.

A great answer is a holiday cabin or holiday unit at Ace-Hi. For between 35k and 90k you can have your own holiday unit on the Mornington Peninsula. A holiday cabin that can also be put into our rental pool can be purchased from 95k to 165k. We take care of the upkeep and maintenance on the pool, court etc. also the tree maintenance and common gardens. Yes and most importantly the security, Boom gates, security camera's and management on site.

For an annual fee, not unlike a body corporate fee, we look after things for you. The fee that is generally less the outgoings on a holiday home it covers water & sewer rates, not to mention land tax.

If when you are not using the cabin you place it in our rental pool it becomes a "lifestyle investment" with all the tax and profit sharing benefits of same. Many Victorian's own a flat or unit in Queensland and sub lease it back when they are not using it. An annual holiday site on the Mornington Peninsula is better because you are only around an hour from your investment therefore able to get much more personal use whilst letting it out in eligible times when you are not using it.

What a deal, beats time share, beats a holiday home!

Come to the Mornington Peninsula any time you like - any time of the year!!